Employment Information

Current Openings

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Find out what other jobs are open by sending an email to or follow the instructions below.

Job openings are posted for recruitment with Workplace Investment Network (WIN) Job Service Offices and on the Mississippi State Personnel Board (SPB) website at Job announcements include

  • The job title
  • The beginning salary
  • The minimum education and experience requirements
  • The county(ies) where the vacancy exists
  • The recruitment period

Make Application

When you find a job(s) that interests you, check:

  • That you meet the minimum education and experience requirements of the job announcement;
  • That you are available to work in the county in which the vacancy exists;
  • That you know the last date the application will be accepted.

You must complete an official State of Mississippi Experience and Training record Application for each job for which you wish to apply or complete an electronic application on the SPB website. Resumes are used for evaluation purposes only and may not be submitted in lieu of an official application. Application forms are available at the SPB and at all WIN Job Service Offices.

State employees who have completed at least six (6) months of continuous employment with the state may submit applications for any job classification at any time.

Applications of individuals who are not state employees, or who have not completed at least six (6) months of continuous employment with the state, are accepted only for jobs that are posted as open for recruitment.

Completed applications must be received and date-stamped by either the SPB or an Employment Service Office by 5:00 p.m. of the posted closure date for that particular job.

Continue The Process

Your application will be evaluated by established standards to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications. If you meet the minimum qualifications, your application will be scored according to your education, training, and experience.

Once your application has been scored, your name and score will be placed on a list of qualified applicants, called the List of Eligibles. Your score will be competitively ranked with others who are qualified for the same job. You will be notified in writing of the final action on your application.

Requests for information should be submitted in writing to the SPB and, for identification purposes, must include your name, social security number, and the title of the job for which you applied.

Submitting Your Application

  • Carefully read the instructions
  • Examine the minimum requirements to make sure you qualify
  • List the exact title of the job for which you are applying
  • Answer all questions thoroughly
  • List the county(ies) you are available to work
  • Attach required documents (transcripts, licenses, etc.) or mail to SPB if completing an electronic application
  • Sign and date your application